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Annual Homeowner Disclosure

Civil Code §4041 requires owners, on an annual basis, to provide notice to their association of four pieces of information:

1) Mailing address to receive notices from the Association (if different than Property Address)
2) Secondary address (if any) to receive notices from the Association
3) Name and address of Legal Representative (if any), including any person with power of attorney or other person who can be contacted in the event of the owner’s extended absence
4) Status of Property (Owner-Occupied, Rented, Vacant or Undeveloped Land)

Please provide the information listed above by visiting your association’s Connect Community Website at under the “My Account” section by: December 1, 2019.

Your responses to the questions above will dictate your proper receipt of important Association information. Please note that if the information above is not provided, the last address provided in writing by the owner, or if none, the property address shall be deemed the address to which notices are to be delivered. The Association thanks you for your cooperation as we seek to comply with this legislation.

To register for the Connect Community Website to provide the information above, please navigate to Registration is completed by clicking REGISTER on this page and entering in your email address and mobile phone number. If both are found in our database, you will receive either an email or text to finalize registration. This 2-factor authentication method ensures the highest levels in security!

If your mobile number and/or email is not found, please call our Customer Care Center for fast, live support 24/7 at 1-800-428-5588 to help finalize your registration.