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Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday is back! Join us at the Clubhouse on Tuesday, September 25th from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and let Sac City Eats BBQ & Catering cook for you.

For just $3 per person (Stonelake members) and $5 for guests you’ll get 3 street tacos with your choice of meat (carne asada (beef) or chicken), served with fresh guacamole, sour cream, jack/cheddar cheese, lettuce, onions, and cilantro, rice & beans, and chips & salsa. Second helpings will be allowed. Ice tea, lemonade, and water will also be available.

Meal tickets for this event must be purchased in advance. Please note that we are unable to accept debit/credit cards for payment.

Sign ups will begin September 3rd.

Clear out unwanted items at the Community-Wide Garage Sale

Looking to clear out your unwanted items? Well, here’s your opportunity. Stonelake Master Association will be holding a community-wide garage sale on Saturday, September 8th, beginning at 7:00 a.m. Let Management do the advertising for you! We will be posting ads in the Sacramento Bee and on Craigslist to catch peoples’ attention. A map and list of all participating homes will also be made available at the clubhouse.

Please let our Activities & Events Coordinator, Janelle Rodriguez, know if you plan to participate at no later than Thursday, September 6th.

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Making Things Interesting Art Program

We are still accepting sign-ups for the Sunday, July 22nd – 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. art class. Class is just $10 per student. We can accept cash or check made payable to the Stonelake Clubhouse.

Below you will find some additional information about this program:

Benefits of this Arts Activity: Participants will gain more self-confidence and independence as they work on their art in this social setting. They will have access to guidance and advice from an experienced professional artist. This program can also be used with adults and it’s therapeutic.

Choices of Medium include: Colored Pencil, Acrylic Paint, &Watercolor

Materials provided: Watercolor paper, Canvases, Multimedia paper, Palettes, Water containers, Standard & Colored Pencils, Paint, Table covers, Brushes, Light boards, Aprons, Easels, & Classical music.

Creating Process: Participants choose an image as well their preferred medium to create their art. Light boards are used to transfer their image to paper and we use charcoal to transfer to canvas. They will use their photo reference from this point on to finish their art. They have the option to work multiple sessions until they are satisfied with their work or they can finish their art in the same day.

Updated Guest Policy

During the Tuesday, February 13th Board meeting the Board of Directors voted to adopt the new guest policy effective immediately.

New Policy

  • Members Only Days – Mondays and Fridays
  • 3 Guests per Household
  • Additional 3 Guests allowed at $4 each
  • Total 6 Guests per Household

Exceptions to the Members Only Days

  • Holidays that fall on a Mondays
  • Private rentals on Fridays
  • Calendared community classes

If you have any questions about the new policy, please contact Management.

Patrol Service Update

During the October 10, 2017 Executive Session meeting, the Board met with three patrol vendors. Following their meeting with each vendor, the Board determined to continue on with Stonegate Protection for a one year term. They also approved an additional 16 hours of weekly daytime patrols. Day patrols will be 4 hours per day, 4 days a week, staggered Monday – Friday between 8:00AM-5:00PM.

If you have any questions or concerns about patrols, please be sure to contact Management so that appropriate follow up may occur.

As a reminder Stonegate can be reached by dialing 1-888-774-0035 and entering the extension, 916.  You will then be prompted to say your name and will be connected via one of the following avenues:

  1. 9:00PM-5:00AM – Calls to the extension go directly to the officer on duty’s phone.
  2. 8:00AM-5:30PM – Calls to the extension go directly to Stonegate’s office.  The office will then contact the daytime roving officer, if they’re on duty.
  3. Between Off Duty Hours of 5:00AM-8:00AM and 5:30PM-9:00PM, a voicemail may be left. The Stonegate Protection office will be notified and calls will be returned.

As always, the Elk Grove Police Department should be your first point of contact for any crimes in progress.