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IntelliBricks Robotics and STEM Enrichment Summer Camp 2018

IntelliBricks Lego Robotics Summer Camp will be offering two new programs this summer at the Clubhouse.

Lego(r) Robotics GalaxyBots: Travel through space, launch a satellite, traverse the surface of Mars and meet the Martians! Our hands-on Lego(r) Robotics classes provides an excellent platform for learning STEM concepts. In this space themed camp, children will build Lego(r) models like flying saucers, satellites, space ports and program them with the intuitive WeDo platform, letting students bring their creations to life while sharpening their skills like logical reasoning, pattern recognition and modeling simulations. The software also features a colorful drag and drop interface that is easy for students to use and understand.

Date: 23-Jul, 24-Jul, 25-Jul, 26-Jul, 27-Jul, Age: 5 to 9 Time: 9:30AM to 12:30PM Cost: $155
Lego(r) Stop Motion Animation: Minecraft The LEGO Minecraft Camp will introduce students to the basic foundations of stop-motion animation through the use of LEGO construction and computer-based animation software. The camp’s theme is based on Minecraft and will contain a unique themed setting for each of the five days of camp like castle, cave and end worlds. Students will create storyboards, take photos and animate their stories using the Frames 6 animation software. By the end of the camp, students will take home a workbook with resources on how to create their own animation projects, as well as a USB drive containing the video projects they created in the camp.

Date: 23-Jul, 24-Jul, 25-Jul, 26-Jul, 27-Jul, Age: 8 to 12 Time: 1:30AM to 4:30PM Cost: $160To register visit As the space is limited we don’t encourage registration by mail. Please call or email if you don’t prefer online registration.

Questions or comments? Email or call 916-595-0816.