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Proposed CNU Hospital – Upcoming City and HOA Meeting Dates

2/7/19 – Planning Commission Meeting (6pm, City Council Chambers) The agenda has been published. The hospital is not on the agenda but we need to be there for the public comment portion, which looks like it will be at the beginning of the meeting. Show up early and fill out your speaker cards. Even if you’re not comfortable speaking, your presence in the audience makes a huge impact. The agenda can be found here:

2/12/19 – Stonelake HOA Board Meeting (7 pm, Stonelake Clubhouse) – The hospital project is on the agenda.

2/13/19 – City Council Meeting (6pm, City Council Chambers) “Ditto” to what was written about the 2/7 Planning Commission Meeting.

2/22/19 – “District 1 Information Session” (5:30-7:30 pm, Sacramento Asian Sports Foundation/9040 High Tech Court-near Strikes) Councilman Suen is hosting an information session for residents. Representatives from CNU and city leaders will be there. However, we don’t know if this is merely going to be a presentation or if it will also be an opportunity to have a Q&A session. We will push for the latter.

This and other information can be found on the website under the “updates” tab at