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Single Room Rentals – A Violation of the CC&Rs

Did you know, rooms from homes in Stonelake are not allowed to be rented out individually? Renting individual rooms is against the CCR&S as outlined in the below noted sections. Members found in violation of these rules are subject to assessed fines to the account and suspension of Membership Privileges, including restricting access to the Clubhouse and Community Events.

CC&Rs Leasing of Lots Sections:
4.4.1 No Owner shall be permitted to lease his or her Lot for transient or hotel purposes for a period of less than thirty (30) days.

4.4.2 of the CC&Rs, No Owner may lease less than the entire Lot.

4.4.3 Any Lease agreement is required to provide that the terms of the lease shall be subject in all respects to the provisions of the Declaration, the Bylaws and any Rules and Regulations adopted by the Association and that any failure by the lease to comply with the terms of such documents shall constitute a default under the lease.

4.4.4 All leases are required to be in writing and any Owner who enters into a lease of his or her Lot shall, if requested by the Association, provide the Association, on a form provided by the Association, such information regarding the lessees and/or the lease as the Board deems prudent for purposes of notice and access into the Development (such as names, addresses, ages, types of vehicles and licensee plate numbers).